The Lake Argyle Restaurant / Cafe is open seven days per week, serving great snacks and meals through May to September each year.  

From October to December the kitchen is open serving Breakfast & Lunch and Dinner but will at times operate on limited hours subject to bookings and demand. Please contact us on (08) 9168 7777 for confirmation of restaurant opening times and availability through October to March.

During the low season of October to March Lake Argyle Resort reserves the right to alter menu choices or cancel meal service at short notice due to low booking numbers, staffing availability or for any other reason. Please be aware that our restaurant may be closed for extended periods through January to March 2017.

Please call us on 08 9168 7777 to check on our current meal times.  limited snacks and drinks are available from the general store throughout the day and the bar and/or beer garden is open from 12 noon till 6 or 7pm.

OUR RESTAURANT MAY BE CLOSED for extended periods through JANUARY & to MARCH 2017