Our future ‘second capital’?

There has long been talk of the need to more densely populate Australia’s north, and Lake Argyle has been earmarked by an architecture company as the ideal location. “Ecoscape” plans to utilize the vast area of Lake Argyle to create an international airport which could connect the East Kimberley with Asian destinations like Jakarta and Hong Kong.

Ecoscape Render

Ecoscape Render

“We just thought here’s a perfect opportunity and such beautiful scenery,” Ecoscape environmental scientist David Kaesehagen said.

“So we started looking at that in terms of more detail about how you’d build a new, modern, sustainable city which looks at using modern technology and meets the challenges of particularly hot environments.”

The site has water, land and sunshine in abundance.

“It’s got industries around it, it’s got mining and agribusiness, it’s got a whole range of different industries which can attract and hold people, so the place itself has got such intrinsic beauty that that works to glue people to place,” Mr Kaesehagen said.

“There are so many opportunities here, there are more than 70 islands here, you can imagine resorts on different islands, you can imagine Australians really enjoying themselves in this beautiful part of the country.

“Not many people get to experience it, and those that do …

find it breath-taking, so I can sort of see this place as a great site for a conurbation of some sort, imagine it.”