Lake Argyle Cruises – Top 5 Reasons To Cruise ‘The Jewel Of The Kimberley’

For a number of visitors to Kimberley, one of the many Lake Argyle Cruises is the reason they travel such long distances, to be mesmerised and immersed in natural history at its finest. Check your bucket list of spectacular and authentic Australian outback experiences. Our Lake Argyle Cruises should be right up there with the best of them. And here are the top 5 reasons why.


Lake Argyle and the Ord River Gorges are DIWA (Directory of Important Wetlands in Australia) listed and recognised as a Wetland of International Importance by the Ramsar Convention. It is the largest lake in northern Australia and an exquisite example of man supporting nature, not destroying nature, with the visionary Ord River Irrigation Scheme. A Lake Argyle cruise over its pristine waterways is a spectacular experience but the lake is also teeming with wildlife. Your Lake Argyle cruise is the best way to discover this abundant wildlife in its natural habitat – cruising between the islands stopping to feed fish and rock wallabies, and Croc spotting.


The vast expanse of Lake Argyle is so special, so cool, clear and deliciously refreshing to swim in and dive into. Your Lake Argyle Cruise will take you to a scenic spot where you can jump into the lake from the roof of the boat or sit back and admire a stunning Kimberley Sunset over this spectacular waterway – the true Jewel of the Kimberley.


When you are surrounded by Australia’s most unique outback wilderness, the water is the best way to experience it. Sailing past billion year old landscapes with soaring rock formations, iconic gorges and evidence of a culture more than 50,000 years old. Swim in it. Drink it. Walk on it. Be amazed.


During the wet season, there are seemingly endless opportunities to be enthralled by the scale and volume of the Kimberley’s waterfalls. Lake Argyle is filled by hundreds of truly amazing waterfalls including Australia’s highest single drop, the 130 metre high Revolver Falls just a few kilometres into the rugged Carr Boyd Ranges on the Lake’s western shoreline.


The remote nature of Lake Argyle is one of its biggest attractions. With little around to distract you, you’re able to relax and fully immerse yourself in Lake Argyle’s immense beauty. Visitors often report feelings of insignificance in the presence of such grandeur.

Lake Argyle cruises with Lake Argyle Tours & Cruises allow you to cruise the Jewel of the Kimberley, swim its beaches, dine amongst its scenery and witness its famous sunsets. You can even package your cruise experience with an amazing helicopter or float plane adventure. Fly across its famous rock formations, vast expanses and myriad of islands, or go searching for wildlife.

Take a Lake Argyle cruise on board the “Kimberley Durack” or the soon-to-be launched “Patsy Durack”, purpose built 50-seat catamarans designed specifically to cruise Lake Argyle.

The spacious, futuristic design of these vessels gives excellent all-round viewing while exploring Lake Argyle in comfort.

These are some of the Best Cruises on Lake Argyle and the Ord River Gorges from Lake Argyle Tours & Cruises, Jewels of the Kimberley collection:

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