Over 270 species of birds have been recorded in the Lake Argyle region – that is almost one third of all the species found in Australia! Walking around the Lake Argyle Village or cruising on a birdwatching charter will guarantee that you spot not only a great variety of birds but also a few rare species as well. View a full list of birds found around Lake Argyle.

Lake Argyle Village

A short walk around the caravan park during the dry season is usually rewarded with excellent sightings of the endangered “Gouldian Finch”. Other species easily seen around the village include:

  • Great Bowerbird – a number of magnificent bowers (courtship areas) can be found in and around the village. Don’t leave any food or shiny objects unattended, these birds will move in very quickly to raid your supplies!
  • Long Tailed Finch
  • White Quilled Rock Pigeon
  • Spinifex Pigeons
  • Little Friar Bird
  • Whistling Kites
  • Black Kites
  • Black Faced Cuckoo Shrike
  • Pheasant Coucal

Birds found around Lake Argyle

Out on the Lake

If you have your own boat it is easy to see Sandstone Shrike Thrush, White Quilled Rock Pigeons, Ospreys plus many others.

To see the rarer species such as the Yellow Chat, Purple Crowned Fairy Wren and a range of migratory waders, you really need to join a specialised birdwatching charter which can be arranged – contact us for more details.

Once again refer to our bird list to get an idea of what has actually been recorded either at the village or out on a birdwatching tour. Up to 130 species have been recorded on a single full day birding trip!

Birds found around Lake Argyle