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Let us take you on an unforgettable helicopter adventure tour!

HeliSpirit is a helicopter charter company who provide incredibly stunning helicopter tours of the Lake Argyle region. They are renowned throughout Western Australia for their professional service in scenic flights and passenger charters.

Lake Argyle is one of the best kept secrets of the East Kimberley, make the most of your visit and include one of these lifetime experiences. Taking flight from our lawn helipad adjacent to the infinity pool, HeliSpirit offer a range of scenic flights of the Lake Argyle Region including:

12 minute Lake Argyle Resort snapshot

Tour code LA12 – $169 pp

Enjoy a bird’s eye of the Ord Top Dam wall, the Ord Hydro power station, Part of Lake Argyle and Lake Argyle Resort. Book now.

24 minute Lake Argyle Flight

Tour code LA24 – $319 pp

View Lake Argyle, the Ord Top Dam Wall and Ord Hydro station before flying over the Lake and the surrounding Carr Boyd Range to see the rugged and spectacular Kimberley landscape at its best. The reflections on the lake and the red glow of the mountains will remain in your memory forever. Book now.

30 minute Lake Argyle helicopter Picnic + Swim

Tour code LA30P – $ 499 pp

View Lake Argyle, the Ord Top Dam Wall and Ord Hydro station before flying over the Lake and the surrounding Carr Boyd Range to land at a secret lookout for a picnic lunch and swim.  Book now.

Lake Argyle Island + Swim

Flight Duration: 30 MINUTES

Tour Duration: 2 HOURS

Cost: $499 pp

Departs from: Lake Argyle

Tour code: LA30I

Take to the sky and witness the incredible views of Ord Top Dam Wall, Ord Hydro Station, and the great expanse of Lake Argyle landing on a secluded island in Lake Argyle and enjoy two hours of downtime. Explore the island, spot wildlife and swim in the refreshing water. Picnic lunch included.

48 minute Lake Argyle and Ragged Range heli-picnic

Tour code LA48 – $599 pp

add a remote landing for a private picnic

Tour code LA48P – $699 pp

View Lake Argyle, the Dam Wall and Hydro station before flying further along the western shore with its coves and islands, over the Carr Boyd Range and through Kangaroo Creek Gorge. Soar over the back country to the magnificent Ragged Range with its deep chasms filled with Livistona Palms. Land to swim in a secret spring and picnic where few others have ever been. You can choose to do this flight with or without the landing. A delicious picnic is provided if you choose to land and the tour duration for this option is about 2 hours. Wear walking shoes and bring your swimming apparel. Book now.

Heli Rum Tour to the Hoochery Distillery

Flight time 48 Minutes / Total Tour Time 2 Hours

(Depart 10.20am or 1.20 pm)

Tour code LAORD – $699 pp

A farm to table experience with a difference. As you soar over Lake Argyle, Packsaddle Farms, and the irrigation channel, learn about the history of this rich agricultural region and the bold undertaking to supply it with water all year round. Witness local farms and crops from above before landing at Kununurra’s Hoochery Distillery. Take a tour of the distillery and sample rum distilled from locally grown crops. The return flight will take you over the township of Kununurra, Elephant Rock, and follow the Ord River upstream back to Lake Argyle.


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