Where To Stay And What To Do At Lake Argyle

Posted: 20th June 2019

Steve and Jen Baile run the highly successful Australian traveling website 'Expedition Australia'.They have added a great article to their website about 'Where to stay and what to at Lake Argyle' after being asked to choose one of their favourite destinations.

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The Kimberley Dry Season - Making The Most Of Your Kimberley Adventure

Posted: 23rd March 2018

April heralds the start of the Kimberley dry season – a period characterised by warm, sun-filled days and clear blue skies, with little rainfall to interrupt your travel plans.

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The Kimberley Wet Season - The Facts

Posted: 6th December 2017

One of the absolute best times to experience the East Kimberley is definitely February and March which are traditionally our highest rainfall months. The landscape is spectacular, temperatures mild, and there are so few people in comparison to the crowds of June, July and August.

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Lake Argyle Cruises - Top 5 Reasons To Cruise 'The Jewel Of The Kimberley'

Posted: 22nd June 2017

Check your bucket list of spectacular and authentic Australian outback experiences. Our Lake Argyle Cruises should be right up there with the best of them. And here are the top 5 reasons why.

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Kimberley Travel Tips - Do's and Don'ts of The Kimberley

Posted: 31st January 2017

Travel to one of the most remote regions of the country needs to be treated with respect, so consider this list of Kimberley travel tips before travelling to this unique part of Australia.

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The Kimberley – Frequently Asked Questions

Posted: 9th December 2016

The Kimberley is a unique holiday destination quite unlike anywhere else on Earth. To help demystify The Kimberley, we've put together some answers to frequently asked questions.

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Kimberley Tours – The Best of The Kimberley

Posted: 27th October 2016

Recognised as Australia's 'last frontier,' The Kimberley is separated by vast distances. Taking a Kimberley tour is a great option to explore the 'must see' highlights of the region.

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Kimberley Attractions - A 'Must Do' Guide to the Kimberley

Posted: 19th September 2016

If you're travelling to a timeframe it's worthwhile planning your itinerary around the many Kimberley experiences to maximise your trip.

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Kimberley Accommodation – Planning the Perfect Kimberley Experience

Posted: 23rd August 2016

The Kimberley, one of Western Australia’s nine regions situated in the far north of the state, is an unforgettable holiday destination.

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Amazing Image Captured By Ben Broady

Posted: 16th August 2016

This amazing image of Lake Argyle was taken at 10pm on a stormy night in April. Ben Broady is a Kununurra based photographer who has a passion for the Kimberley.

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Our future 'second capital'?

Posted: 31st August 2014

There has long been talk of the need to more densely populate Australia's north, and Lake Argyle has been earmarked by an architecture company as the ideal location.

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